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 Partial Wigs - Partial Wigs for Women - Partial Hair Pieces - Partial Lace Wigs

Partial Wigs are created to help those woman that are thinning in the crown of the head. Our Partial Wigs are partial lace wigs made with excellent French lace and are resistant around the side and back edges with an imperceptible polyurethane lace for add-on and strength. These lace partial wigs for women, are best for women who are experiencing thinning hair or hair loss on the crown part of the head. The thin band on the partial hair pieces, permit the attachment and mixing of your lace partial into your own present natural hair.  Once attached,  you can even part your own hair and the partial  wigs for a natural appearance, substantial division.

Partial wigs created by Rodolfo Valentin are  partials hair pieces that can be used in the rear of your existing hairline or in combination with our Lace Frontals and will solidify the middle part of the hair.  As a result, women or men having noticed thinning hair in the front line can hugely benefit from the partial human lace wigs that are totally custom made and handmade. Partial, lace front or full lace wigs are done by the  experts under the supervision of worldwide famous wigs maker Rodolfo Valentin that holds from the past 35 years the recognition as the world's best wigs available at our Hair Boutique in New York or Long Island NY for the best partial human lace wigs that only  uses 100% human hair.



Partial Wigs
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Rodolfo Valentin

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